We’re back for more. And we hope you are too. But beware: Mike is grumpy! (Who knew you actually had to pay to get your garbage hauled away?) Luckily Megan interrupts an epic rant and saves the ship from sinking entirely. In this episode, we cover Mike’s desire to be Ryan Gosling for a day, the perks of aging (there are a few), developing a sense of creative urgency, and why Megan married “that idiot.”



Our first episode ever! Wherein we explain who we are and what in the world we’re doing with this big glass jar full of paper. Please listen! But before you listen, listen: we’re new to this. We’re winging it here. We go off topic frequently and use grown-up words. In this particular episode we cover booze, introverts versus extroverts, tips for handling adversity, and all the things you can do with a lemon.


and away we go…

Before we begin, it’s important to note that we thought this up on the fly. It came to us one night while we were sitting on the couch drinking wine, and then stayed with us until we finally bought the microphone and (sort of) figured out how to actually record ourselves talking.

The concept is fairly simple: we have one hundred pieces of paper in a big glass jar on top of our fridge. Each piece has something on it—we’re not sure what. Could be a question, a comment, a word, a quotation, part of someone’s grocery list. We’re totally at the mercy of the friends and family who, at our request, sent us the pieces of paper over the last month.

Each week we set up our recording “studio” at our kitchen counter, take a piece of paper out of the jar, and let the magic unfold.

But back to the part about thinking this up on the fly. We wanted to do something creative together, and a screenplay felt too daunting. Besides, anyone who’s cool these days has a podcast, right? But we’ve never done a podcast before. So bear with us. Be kind. Enjoy the hilarity and randomness. And please come back each week for more! Because god knows we have a lot of crap to say.

Oh—and don’t forget to let us know what you think. We live for external validation. Er, constructive feedback. You can send us a message through this site, or via our Facebook page. We’re all about comments, questions, thoughts, critiques, and—most of all—topic suggestions for upcoming episodes.

Thanks so much for checking us out. Please, enjoy the show.