Episode 48 finds Megan officially one year older, which sets she and Michael off on a slew of birthday-related topics and a recap of their weekend, which included a pooping Santa and a trip to Dutch Wonderland that nearly turned into Blunder-land. The show shifts to more talk about birthday stress and Megan’s realization that sometimes you just need the people who brought you into the world in the first place to salvage the day (and spring for the wine). The jar offers up a song lyric this week, which leads to a discussion about color invention, poetry writing and how there are just too many damn quotes. Somewhere along the way a humorous moment causes Megan to unleash a new disturbing laugh which may ring in your ears long after this episode ends. There’s all that and a whole lot more on Episode 48 of 100 THINGS IN A JAR!

EPISODE WINE – 2012 Sterling Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon

CLOSING SONG – “Happy Birthday To Me”  Cracker

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