who are these nerds and why are they doing this?

idiotsWe met one night during our sophomore year of college, when Michael burst into Megan’s best friend’s dorm room and introduced himself. Megan was trying to watch Letterman and gave Michael the death stare for daring to interrupt, and thus a contentious, bicker-y, not-quite-friendship was born.

Over the next few years, shenanigans and hijinks ensued. Beers were drunk, shots were taken, quarters were borrowed, CDs were stolen, pizzas were shared, deep (and not so deep) conversations were had, and by the time graduation rolled around, Michael and Megan were true pals.

Romance blossomed a little more than a year later, during a party at Megan’s apartment in New Jersey. Michael shoved several sprigs of basil up his nose just for laughs and, well, what self-respecting girl could resist that? They kissed that night, and the rest is…a really long story, the sordid details of which you’re sure to learn about very soon.

Nearly 17 years after the basil incident, we’re happily married and the proud/exhausted parents of three wild and awesome kids under the age of six. We hardly ever get to have uninterrupted adult conversations anymore, so we figured we might as well record the ones we do get to have, and share them with the world.

Welcome to One Hundred Things in a Jar.